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08 jul

Coming Out of Survival: Stop the Blame Game and Take Total Responsibility

WaniManley Stop The Blame Game and Take Total Responsibility

Stop the blame game and take total responsibility for your life. After all, it is YOUR life. In order to change your life, you must first and foremost stop blaming yourself, blaming others, and anything else and be willing to accept total responsibility for all facets of your life. You must accept total responsibility for your life because you have created all conditions of your life. Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are the Divine. You are Source. You are the Creator. You are the Supreme Being. You are the Universe. You are God in whatever form, the formless or name. As such, you are the Creator of all of your life’s experiences. So, if you’re drowning in debt, on the verge of poverty, wasting away in an unfulfilling job or career, or wasting your time or wilting in an unsatisfying relationship, you have created these conditions through thought which comes back to you as experiences that you are now living. Nothing is happening outside of you and there is no greater force outside of you.

Your world is nothing more or less then the projection of a hundred percent of your mind all the time. Therefore, you are creating everything that is happening in your life and thus, you cannot and must not blame others, your race, your gender, the economy, your job, your family, your partner and so on, for any current situation in your life. It is you, and all you. If you cannot accept the fact that you are responsible as the Creator, then you cannot change things and with certainty, things will remain the same or get worse. However, just as you’ve created all of your life experiences, as the Creator, you also have the power to uncreate anything in your life that is not working or that you do not want with one caveat; that is, you must accept total responsibility. You will see that once you’ve taken total responsibility for what’s happened or happening in your life, you immediately see that you have all the power to change things and thus invoke change.

As you accept total responsibility, do so without guilt. There is no reason for guilt and it’s also a waste of time. Why? It is a waste of time because you must understand that you have been doing the very best that you knew how based on your level of awareness, consciousness and understanding. Moreover, everything that has shown up in your life by your creation has shown up for your own personal growth, and similarly has value equal to your assuming responsibility for its existence. There is always something for you to learn in any situation; therefore, seek out the lessons and do so with gratitude. My own life did not begin to change until I took complete responsibility for the manifestations of my life and quit blaming myself, my family and let go of the guilt that I held within. The very moment I took full responsibility, insights immediately began to flow from within on how I could turn things around and start living the life I always imagined and I began to manifest change.

Once you’ve accepted total responsibility, forgive yourself, your parents and whomever else or whatever else you’ve placed blame upon and then simply let it go. Don’t hold onto it, don’t harbor over it, don’t justify it, explain it or over-analyze it; just let it go. If you don’t let it go, you can be certain that you’ll end up in similar or identical situation as we can only draw onto us more of what we already are. Never forget and always remind yourself that up until this point you’ve only been doing the very best that you knew how based on your programming, conditioning, patterning or karma. If you knew better, things would have been different, now wouldn’t they? So forgive yourself, let go and move on. To let go, simply acknowledge that you cannot change the past and you can only learn from it, so move on to the “Now” and get on with your life. Life is a gift and the only you moment you ever have is “Now”, so don’t waste your precious time living and dwelling on the past. The moment you move beyond where you are or where, the past cannot follow. So stop the blame game. It doesn’t serve you. Take responsibility, forgive, let go and take your life back.

Wani Manly

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