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21 jun

Follow Your Heart, Quit Your Job

WaniManleyComing Out of Survival- Blog 4. Follow Your Heart, Quit Your Job

Follow your heart and quit your job. Yes, you heard me. You hate it anyway. Follow your heart and quit your dead-end job and go out there and do what you absolutely love. How many of you are at dead-end jobs where you have no future? Jobs that have nothing to do with your likes, interests, zest or what you have the slightest grain of passion for? Jobs in which you’re in it only to pay bills? Jobs in which you are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making it, scraping by? Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Jobs in which every potential client that walks through the door, rather than seeing them as an opportunity to serve their highest good, you see them as your life-line to pay your rent, your mortgage, or your car note? How many of you are at jobs in which you went in it for the money and if you’re making the money and don’t have a life outside of work and you are just miserable? Or worse, you are working like a dog and you still don’t make enough money and are struggling like hell to pay the bills?

How many of you spend all day at your nine-to-five daydreaming on what else you’d rather be doing, surfing the Internet, on the phone, or you’re on Facebook talking about how much you hate your job? On Friday, you’re happy till your heart’s content because it’s the weekend, and then Sunday rolls around and you’re having anxiety attacks because in less than twenty-four hours, it’s the dreaded Monday and it’s time to head back to Camp Misery. How many of you are in the corporate rut, day in and day out, year after year stuck in an office all day long working around the clock for twelve hours or more and still bringing work home with you at night, on weekends, holidays and even when you go on vacation? How many of you are your stressed pretending not to be stressed? Keeping up appearances? Behind that fake smile is a frightened worrying being whose life is falling apart? Stuck in an endless rut? Working for “The Man?” Have anxiety, panic attacks or worse, illness? Exhausted yet? Stop! Stop, and ask yourself, “Why?”

Did it ever occur you to that you can live your life, all of your life including your work life from a place of inspiration rather from a place desperation? What is it that you long to do? What would you rather be doing than what it is that you’re doing now? I know there are alot of people out there who might read this and say “Yeah Wani, I’d love to quit my job that I hate and do what I love. But I can’t. I have responsibilities. I need to make money. I’ve got bills to pay. We’re in a recession.” I hear you and I get it. I totally get it. You see, I was once where you are and I was beyond miserable (with emphasis added.) Not only was I miserable but was severely stressed to the point that my misery manifested into chronic chest pains, which landed me under doctor’s care as well as undergoing a biopsy for breast-cancer.

All I can say to you is let go of fear and take the risk as I did. You will be amazed as to what follows. Things will work out and they do indeed work out when you follow your heart and fulfill its desires and not other’s desires. Trust that when you follow your heart everything falls into place as your heart is where the Divine Plan for your life lies. Here in this energy, things have a way of just working out and at times they do so with effortless ease. Doors seem to just open. People tend to show up in your life that you need to meet, uninvited even. People change. Obstacles seem to remove. Conflict get resolved. Things seem to fall in your lap. Magical things happen. Why? Because you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and when you move in the direction of your life’s purpose, the Universe supports you. It conspires for you to succeed. Things unfold and you move through life harmoniously. Nothing that is built upon and supported by the love of the Universe fails. It is impossible. All of us have been placed here with unique talents and gifts exclusive to just as individually. We have a task, a purpose to fulfill using those gifts and talents. Your Dharma, if you will. It is up to you to seek out what that is and to do it. Until you do, you will never be happy.

So, what are you passionate about? What does your heart long for? Whatever it is, just do it, and if you don’t know what it is then find out. Your job is to find it and then go live it. If you don’t know, ask yourself, “If money were no object, what I be doing?” Do some introspection into your likes and interests. Go deep. At age five or six, what was your answer to the question of what you wanted be when you grew up before some adult or family member told you that you weren’t going to make any money doing that and steered you into becoming a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, or some other “noble” profession. Once you’ve discovered what you’re passionate about, find a way to make a living doing it and just do it, and do it with love and service. What’s more, don’t’ be fooled into thinking that you can’t make any money doing what you love either, because while you’re busy making excuses as to why it can’t be done, somebody else is already doing it and getting paid .

You have control over what you choose to do in everything that you do. You have the choice and it is just a decision. Do not let fear grip and overtake you. Do not also get stuck in your identities or social or peer masks because that is not who you are. These identities keep your music inside of you, yet torments you as your deepest desires left unfulfilled. Why continue to live, or worse, leave the body at the end of this lifetime with your music still left inside of you? Why suffer, or be in bondage? Why be miserable? Why be stressed? If you’re going to suffer, held in bondage, be miserable or stressed, why not experience these states from a job or career that you truly enjoy and love doing. Deborah Gregory, author of the book series, The Cheetah Girls, says it best. That is, “If a job isn’t worth dreaming about, it isn’t worth having.” And, if money, or the lack thereof is Issue No. 1 for you then know that you cannot and will not acquire wealth working at a job you do not like or hate. When you are doing what you love, people will pay you handsomely.

Do what you incessantly talk and think about. Do what you’d rather be doing. Do what you wish you were doing. Do what you read about. Do what you daydream about. Do what inspires you, what motivates you, what uplifts you, what elevates you, and what radiates you from within. Just do it and don’t limit yourself. You are boundless, limitless, and incredibly powerful. Remind yourself at all times that we live in an “and” world and not an “either-or” world. You can do it all, have it all, and be it all. The time is now and in this moment for you to do what you love and what your heart desires. Whatever it is, do it with love and service for the highest good for not just you but for all of your fellow beings. So, get out there and follow your heart and pursue your dreams as best you can for as long as you can. While you’re at it, take Thoreau’s advice and go confidently in the direction of your dreams and desires. Live the Life you’ve imagined.

Wani Manly

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  • A very direct and honest blog! I loved it and respect your boldness. We all need a little push at times! Your words were very truely inspirational. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


    — Added by manwithalife on June 22nd, 2010
  • Dear Wani,

    This is indeed a great article. Ill read is for a second, and third time just to get more inspired. I believe the time for me to do just what you adviced is NOW.

    — Added by Leweca on June 25th, 2010

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