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Tell Your Story

JayForteSit with an older uncle or aunt, mother or father and they will share stories of their lives. In these stories are lessons about love and loss, happiness and success, disappointment and envy. We learn who they were and what they believed. We learn about life.

I work personally and professionally with people to teach them how to reconnect to their talents and passions – the things they are great at and love to do – because in these, they learn about themselves and invent a more personally significant life. And the process to learn about your talents and passions requires getting good at telling your story.

As you share your story, the following great things happen:

*You start to better see what things you do and do not like.
*You start to see how you feel about things, what you love and what you do not love.
*You start to see events that move you and influence you.
*You see your wise and poor choices.
*You become more aware of the true you – of your talents, passions and strengths.

Nelson De Mille said, “We are all pilgrims on the same journey…some pilgrims just have better roadmaps.” Those who live more significantly have a clear sense of themselves and therefore can create a more authentic road for their personal and professional lives. This information comes from their experiences, their observations – their stories.

So one way I help my audiences become more self-aware is to journal – to write. Here is how to start:

*Start a journal – handwriting is the best way to begin. Advance to the computer when you feel connected to the process of writing. I find most people are more connected to their thoughts and feelings when they use pen and paper. Regardless, choose the method that works for you.
*Write each morning or evening for a minimum of 10 minutes; write every day.
*Select a topic to write on each day. Here are several examples:
**What I loved about today.
**Why I was angry today.
**When I am my happiest, I am doing…..
**When I feel my most capable, I am doing….
**The craziest thing happened today was…
**Two great people I met today were….
**The most significant change that happened to me today was…
**Something I thought would be terrible became great because…
**Look at a leaf, tree, moon, flower, etc and describe what you see and how it makes you feel.
**Describe what memories the smell of a…. makes you think of.
**The funniest thing I saw today was…
**I am so blessed because…
**I wish I could do more of…
*At the end of the week, reread your stories. What do you see in your perspectives? What do they tell you about you? How much better do you see what you are good at and passionate about doing? What lessons of life are you starting to see come through?
*Encourage your family, friends, etc. to join in the story process. Share your stories when you get together (mealtime, coffee, etc). Learn about yourself and others.

I believe we have both the ability and responsibility to invent our lives; we create the quality of our life each day as we live it. The more we know ourselves – our talents, passions, strengths and interests – the more we can build our best into our lives. We learn about ourselves in our stories – in our observations and perspectives. We learn who we are by telling our story. Then we can customize our lives around what matters most for us.

Stories not only help us look into ourselves, they also share our true selves with others. As we explain our views, attitudes, approaches and events, we connect at a more significant level with others. When we write our stories, we create a history, able to be passed to future generations. Our stories are our gift to ourselves and to others.

So tell your story. It will give you information about you. It will share your wisdom with others. It will create your history. Stories – our link to the past and our key to the future. Share what is going on inside your head and heart.

Jay Forte is a motivational speaker and performance consultant. He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, and the on-line resources, Stand Out and Get Hired, and The Hunt for Opportunities Success Manual. He has just completed his new book, The End of Average; Know Yourself, Find Your Fit and Transform Your World; chapter downloads will soon be available on his website. He works to connect people to their talents and passions to live fired up! More information at

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