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It Pays to Write the Path to Your Goal

KathiBurnsRecently I discussed the power or thoughts as you begin to reach for new goals. I would now like to address the power of words and how they provide a great deal of renewable energy to help us create whatever we desire.

After you have seen your new goal and its end result clearly in your mind, take the time to write it down.

Lay out your vision step-by-step in your mind and write all that you see on a piece of paper. When you write down the path to your goal, keep it simple but add as many details as you see.

If you are one of those people who don’t bother writing their goals because they always fail, realize this: those people who do write their goals on paper will actually accomplish some, if not all of them. I have a friend from South Africa who always has a list of 10 goals in writing at any given time. This is what he wrote to me about his life:

“When I was young, I figured out my life somehow played out in cycles of seven years. I decided then to create a plan to include 10 definitive objectives that would manifest into tangible goals that I could achieve within each seven-year period. If I didn’t reach some goals, it was okay because they rolled over into the next period. So, in essence, I had this ferris wheel of hope and desire that always seemed full of ideas. The tools to accomplish this was the key… I had immediate and weekly goals that served my monthly goals, which in turn made my seven-year plan reachable. ‘Start small but visualize big’ is my motto I suppose.”

A few of the goals Kevin has accomplished to date includes getting his green card without an attorney and, against all odds, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, taking a camping holiday through Europe, hiking the Grand Canyon (which he has now done three times) and meeting his childhood hero, Mohammed Ali, in person by simply knocking on his door.

It helps to surround yourself with visionaries. Their ability to reach their own lofty goals affirms that you can do the same. The largest successes in the world often begin with thoughts, which turn into words and then manifest through actions.

Next up, how to turn your thoughts and words into appropriate action!

This is an excerpt from Kathi’s book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose!

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