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17 may

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

WaniManleyComing Out of Survival

Blog 3: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Change your thoughts, change your life. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.” In other words, what you think about is and becomes your life. Put another way, show me your life and I’ll show you your thoughts and what you believe. Your thoughts are immensely powerful. Your thoughts, your attitude, or your mental state of being determines everything. Every action or inaction that you take or not take is preceded by a thought. What you put your attention on, through thought, expands. Your dominant thoughts, that in which you ponder the most and with great feeling and intensity determines your dominant actions, and in turn, your dominant actions determines what shows up or doesn’t show up in your life. Categorically, there is a direct correlation with what you think, feel, speak and get. You see, what you think, you will feel. What you feel, you will speak, and what you think, feel, and speak, you will get, again and again.

Thought is everything. Learn to take control of your thoughts. Your thoughts are what’s running your life. If you haven’t yet taken control of your thoughts, you cannot take control of your life and turn things around. It is impossible. In fact, the only way to take control of your life is to control your thoughts and to start thinking good, happy and positive thoughts. Think about what it is that you do want and stop thinking about what it is that you do not want. In this life of infinite possibilities, you get everything that you want through the power of thought. There is no limit to what you can do, what you can become or what you can have. If you think and focus on what you want, you get it. Plain and simple. I f you focus on the lack thereof or what you don’t want, you also get it. You must understand that everything that you are living here in the Now, is the result of your thoughts in the Past. So, if you are currently struggling, barely making it, in survival mode or not living your ideal life, and you are continuously thinking about your lack or dire circumstance, you will continue to get more lack and perpetuate your current circumstance. Simply put, thoughts of lack, loss, pain and anguish will lead to nothing but the manifestation of more lack, loss, pain and anguish. Likewise, thoughts of abundance, prosperity and success will lead to the manifestation of abundance, prosperity, success. You get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Therefore, consciously “choose” to anchor your thoughts on happy and positive thoughts and dwell on it.

When you stop the negative thinking and you will take then control of your life. Your negative thinking is what’s playing out in your life over and over again and such manifestation will continue to perpetuate until you stop the negative stimuli. Understand that each and every thought you have either takes you closer to what you want or takes you further away from it. The problem is that most of us habitually spend our day-to-day lives meditating, through continuous thought on what it is that we don’t want and we wonder why our lives exists as it does. Your thoughts of “I can’t,” “It’s impossible,” “I don’t have enough money,” “There are no good men out there,” or whatever negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that you give rise to through thoughts is what’s keeping you in the dire circumstance you now find yourself, and not the circumstance itself. You draw into your life experience that which you give thought to. Therefore, do not think or speak of what it is that you do not want and you will not experience it in your life. Stop thinking thoughts of “surviving” and start thinking thoughts of “thriving.” You must control that which you give your attention to through thought.

Your life is the sum total of the thoughts you have chosen to give your attention to. Positive thoughts yields positive results and life experiences and negative thoughts yields negative results and life experiences, and more of it. This world is your playground and this playground is controlled by your thoughts, and your thoughts are controlled by you. Do not be misled. Your life is not pre-determined. You, and only you determine your life. You, and only you, can control what happens or doesn’t happen in your life. You are the Creator. You are in control. Your destiny is completely in your hands and determined solely by you, through your thoughts. So what will it be?

Wani Manly

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