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Action Provides the Momentum to Turn Your Thoughts and Words into Reality

KathiBurnsOnce you have thought about your end goal and written it down into succinct words, you are ready to begin taking appropriate action.

Since life sometimes takes unexpected turns, it helps to simplify your large goals and chunk them into smaller parcels and time increments. For instance, if you want to gross $300,000 this year, divide that into 12 months, and then into the number of days you will work towards that goal each month.

Clearly dividing your end result into smaller increments will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. It will also enable you to easily track your progress on a daily basis.

This is the thinking part of thought, word and deed. You will need to think about the specific desired result at the end of each day, week, month, quarter and year.

Once you have reduced your goal into bite-sized pieces, you can take action and go about your business to reach your incremental goals at a consistent pace. If there comes a day that your goals are not met, you can then easily make a choice to work late or add more time to your schedule the following day. You might even decide that your progress is sufficient and personal balance is more important.

This is the beauty of having clearly defined action steps: you can make an informed decision and sometimes choose balance without guilt because you know exactly where you are with your goals at that moment.

As you learn to harness the power of thought, word, deed (or action), you will become very powerful at manifesting and realizing your dreams! Try it, this is the universal law of attraction and has served mankind for centuries.

This is an excerpt from Kathi’s book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose!

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