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Your “Inner Peace” Standard Equipment

JayForteDr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the author of the amazing book My Stroke of Insight; A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, explains our left brain is our controlling, judgmental and critical brain; our open, accepting and optimistic brain is our right brain. In our performance-focused world, most of us favor our analytical left brain. We listen more to our “critic” that more readily finds fault and complains than applauds and supports. Too much of this is not a good thing for our health.

You need to understand something important about Dr. Bolte Taylor: she suffered a stroke that nearly destroyed the left side of her brain. As a neuroanatomist, she was intimately familiar with what her brain was going through; she realized much of her consciousness was moved from whole brain (left and right) to just the right side of her brain. She explains in great detail what it was like to live in her right brain – her non-critical, in-the-present-moment, limitless, optimistic and higher consciousness brain. A nirvana – inner peace – kind of place.

As she nursed her left brain back to health – a process that took her 8 years – she chronicled her expanded awareness of the attributes of both sides of the brain. She shares that the right brain imposes fewer restrictions, judges less, sees things as they are, appreciates the richness of the moment, is open, creative and accurately decodes emotion. This is the inner peace standard equipment we all receive but frequently can’t hear over the louder, more controlling and critical left brain.

Here are some techniques to access the peaceful right brain and silence the critical left brain:

  1. Speak to yourself more kindly and more lovingly; focus on your feelings and allow yourself to be aware of all of your senses.
  2. Dr. Bolte Taylor suggests allowing the left brain to actually have some time to do what it does best – analyze and critique – to permit yourself some “whine time” – but with these limitations:
    1. Limit the “whine time” to 30 minutes. That’s it. And when the “whine time” is over, it is over; all whining and critical left brain rhetoric stops for the balance of the day.
    2. Schedule the “whine time” for the same time each day. It is the only point in the day when whining and complaining is allowed. And if you miss your scheduled “whine time” it must be delayed until the next scheduled time.
  3. Thank your critic for its attention to details then demand it to take a break and allow your more optimistic, upbeat and accepting right brain to develop its own voice. Pay attention to the talk you have with yourself.

We each need our critic to help manage and direct our lives. The problem develops when we allow too much our self- and social-talk to be negative and unhealthy – when our left brain critic constantly takes over. Now, instead of loving each day, we spend more time focused on what isn’t right. We become pessimistic, negative and disparaging.

Focus on directing your self-talk into more a more supportive, caring and optimistic dialog. This activates the powerful and emotive right brain – the brain that houses our ability to connect with our true selves and accesses the standard inner peace equipment we are all born with.

So, learn from Dr. Bolte Taylor and build some “whine time” into your day. Impose a time limit – and when it is over, it is over. Start with 30 minutes if you have a very loud critic. Set the timer. Soon, you will need just a moment or two to vent, realign and move on.

Control your self-talk. Treat yourself kindly and lovingly.

Nature has provided us with the right equipment to stay ordered and productive AND to be content and happy. Sometimes they get out of balance. So learn how to manage your left-brain critic to allow your right-brain admirer and dreamer to have more time to help you create a more significant life.

Jay Forte is a motivational speaker and performance consultant. He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, The Hunt for Opportunities Success Manual and the on-line resource, Stand Out and Get Hired. He works to connect people to their talents and passions to work strong and live stronger. More information at

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