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10 jan

What to Focus on in 2010

Here’s a great list for the new year.

  1. Instead of wanting to be right, be kind
  2. Instead of focusing on what you did wrong or what is worth being upset about, focus on all that is right
  3. Instead of looking at what has changed, look at what hasn’t changed
  4. Instead of coming to the end of another day and being obsessed with what was terrible, find what you can be grateful for
  5. Instead of feeling out of control, find ways to trust more
  6. Instead of saying mean things to yourself over and over, choose to take control of your inner voice and create a loving inner dialogue with yourself
  7. Instead of letting an excuse rule your life, make this the year that you step into your power and see how limiting that excuse has been
  8. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else and making yourself feel small, ask yourself, am I better than my 2009 self? Am I improving compared to me?

Anyone of these commitments will radically alter your upcoming year. Choose one from the list above. Then choose another. In times of intense change, transition and crises, our dominant emotions come out even more strongly. We need to take control of what we are focusing on, especially when our attention is constantly being taken away by the media, news, pessimists and so on. This year, you choose what to focus on. Remember, you will get more of what you focus on. You will attract that which you give your attention and energy to. Put out the energy you want more of.happier_confidence

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