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22 jan

Vitamins for Overall Health

Losing weight and living healthy doesn’t mean we need to ingest several supplements, fat burners, appetite suppressants or vitamin supplements. Losing weight and living healthy instead means healthy eating, which is the key for our overall health. We can have healthy bodies and minds only by giving them the necessary amounts of minerals, nutrients and vitamins, which our bodies can absorb in the easiest way from food. Every small part of our organisms need to be taken care of and what could be more caring than giving them the nutrition and supplementation they need.

Unfortunately the majority of us do not have the necessary time and energy to develop a well-built diet and meal plan or even eat well-prepared and cooked foods every time we sit down at the table. Such food gives us the energy, vitality, nutrition and vitamins we need for the whole day. Without proper nutrition our organisms can get severely weak and our metabolism cannot defend us against the chemicals, toxins and bacteria surrounding us. There are useful and affordable, but mostly natural, multivitamin supplements, which can give our bodies the necessary vitamins and nutrients so that our bodies can become and remain healthy and strong.

When we incorporate multivitamins daily in our dietary plans, we can improve our overall health. But, there are certain requirements we need to look for in our supplements. A good multivitamin must contain calcium, which has the power to calm the nervous system. Additionally it strengthens bones and teeth. B-Complex vitamins improve our emotional wellness and helps with mental clarity, while vitamin C strengthens the immune system and has strong antioxidant power to clean our organism and help eliminate harmful toxins and oxidants. Eating as much citrus fruit as possible can help increase the level of vitamin C and also give us an energy boost.

The majority of vitamins needed for a healthy body can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible can give our bodies the most important vitamins: A, B, C and E. Vitamin A is essential to promote a healthy body tissue. This vitamin type also contains strong antioxidant-neutralizing free radicals, preventing premature aging. Vitamin A, also, helps in cancer prevention. A deficiency of vitamin A in our systems can cause dry skin, eye problems — aches, inflammation, and pain and in drastic cases even night blindness. Vitamin A helps to improve sexual disorders. Good vitamin A sources are eggs, fish oil, butter liver, orange and yellow fruits and green vegetables containing carotene.

Vitamin B types are also one of the most needed vitamin types for our overall health. B1 vitamin is needed for carbohydrate conversion into glucose, our body needs, glucose is also needed to be converted into energy on the cellular level, and for this procedure vitamin B2, B3, B5 and vitamin B6 is needed. B12 vitamin is needed for the maintenance and health of the overall nervous system.

Finally, vitamin C, which is easily found in cabbage, citrus fruits, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and broccoli, is needed for its strong antioxidant power that can help protect our immune system against toxins, bacteria, winter illnesses and infections. Vitamin C helps those of us who smoke, have allergies, drink alcohol or take antibiotics. Unlike other mammals, humans do not produce vitamin C, so the only way to get it is to ingest food types containing it.

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