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31 jan

Success Comes Quickly When You Keep Your Promises

by Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

Now is the time to take ownership of making positive changes in your life, and begin a journey to another level. As more of the people around you discuss the issues and opportunities they are facing these days, it is even more important we consciously choose what to work on (and what not to work on!). To make the journey from where you are to where you are going, spend a little time clarifying 1) a set of clear objectives and 2) a clear path to achieve measurable results.

If you have looked back over the past few weeks and wondered “where the time has gone,” it’s a great time to revisit your goals for the year. Create a roadmap and review it often. Your roadmap—consider using The Promise Guide, available for free at—is a document you create to define your measurable and specific goals. Consider defining specific projects you intend to address over the next few months.

Create Your Roadmap – Four (4) Key Areas

When building your roadmap, consider the following questions regarding these areas of your life and your work:

1) Financial Goals – What would you like to earn this year? Is there something you could be doing “on the side?” Are you looking to take on new/bigger projects at work to gain a promotion?

2) Family/Friends – What kinds of events or trips are you planning to grow as a family? And, who in your circle of influence do you want to spend quality time with?

3) Personal Development – Are there any books to read, classes to take or development programs to enroll in?

4) People – Who will you need to get to know? Who can your mentors or partners be? Who can help to “coach” you to your next level of you?

Measuring and Tracking

With your roadmap in place, what’s needed next is a way to measure and track your progress. Knowing what to focus on and committing time and resources to reviewing those goals, is the single biggest challenge that we have in business (and in life).

Goals are promises, and promises are commitments. They begin the moment you say yes to yourself or to others. But how do you keep track of these yeses? And more importantly, how do you ensure that these are the things you really should be spending time on?

First, write them all down! Capture all of your commitments, the ones you may have scribbled down on various lists, on your calendar, and the ones swirling around in your head. If you capture them centrally, you can begin to look at them strategically.

Many of us have a multitude of projects, to-dos and tasks on the go. Some of these commitments may even be prioritized. However, unless there is a strategic vision that overrides all of your commitments, the bigger, long-term promises and commitments may get sabotaged by smaller, less important tasks which always seems to soak up your valuable time, resources and mind space.

Here’s a simple, but powerful guidance system for measuring and keeping track of all of this:

1) Identify key promises/commitments – Look at your centralized consolidated list of projects, to-dos and tasks. Identify the ones are key, that are central to your roadmap. These are your top priority commitments – promises – you have already made to yourself and/or others. As you complete these, you will build upon your vision for success.

2) Develop milestones for achievement. For each of your key promises, develop due dates and milestones to track your progress.  Specify target dates and, for those items where you are working with others, specify who will be responsible and what will be done.

3) Have a “check in” and “status update” process. On a regular basis (for example, once every week) take time to check in on how you are progressing on each of these key promises.

At work and in life, YOU are your brand. Your personal and professional success is directly proportional to your ability to make promises and follow through on them.

Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA is the co-author of The Promise Doctrine, a guidebook and system for consistently delivering on your promises at A master educator and executive coach, Jason works with organizations worldwide to uplevel productivity, performance and time management skills. Contact Jason at 805.640.6401 or at

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