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31 jan

Make Life an “Event”

JayForteLife is precious – and really short in the grand scheme of things. So, I am determined to live each day the best I can – to celebrate each day – to make each day of life an “event.”

For me, making it an “event” is not about elaborate trips or expensive dinners. Rather, life becomes an “event” when you pay attention to the little details that show those in your life you care, love and value them. The greatest value in any relationship is not found in the things you have to do, but in the extras you choose to do.

Coffee in the morning may be ordinary. But adding a rose on the table, making a quick trip to Starbucks or bringing coffee on a tray to bed can make even coffee extraordinary – you can make coffee an “event.”

There are so many places during the day to move from ordinary to extraordinary – to do the little things that make life a constant celebration.

Life is an “event” when:

  1. You get a note in your lunch in addition to your favorite sandwich.
  2. Your favorite cookies or crackers never seem to run out.
  3. You thought you needed gas in the car but it has been filled up.
  4. Candles are lit at mealtime, even at lunch.
  5. A book by your favorite author shows up on your nightstand.
  6. You forget and ask the same question 3 times, but you get the same gentle response.
  7. Your favorite shampoo or soap shows up in the shower.
  8. A card is left on your computer or in your briefcase – just because.
  9. Your conversations about easy or difficult things are always easy to do.
  10. The bedsheets get a spray of lavender when they come out of the dryer to smell great on the bed.
  11. There are boxes of your favorite candy in the car, in the kitchen and everywhere else.
  12. Regular wine become sangria and dinner becomes a festival.
  13. You tell a story you told before and are not interrupted.
  14. Your least favorite task (emptying the dishwasher for me) seems to happen by itself.
  15. A look, a smile or a wink means “it is you, it has always been you, it will always be you.”

A life that is extraordinary gets the big things right and constantly celebrates the important little things. Details matter. Feelings matter.

I have this kind of life; it means everything to me. It encourages me to respond – not because I have to – but because I want to. It empowers me to be fully present and constantly show how I care about the important people in my life. I make life an “event” for those I care about. And in the process my life becomes extraordinary.

So, how do you make your life, and the lives of those you care about, an “event”? Don’t wait – you don’t get these days back. Do the little things. Do a lot of them. Do them often.

Jay Forte is a motivational speaker and performance consultant. He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, The Hunt for Opportunities Success Manual and the on-line resource, Stand Out and Get Hired. He works to connect people to their talents and passions to work strong and live stronger. More information at

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Posted by Jay Forte on January 31st, 2010 in Family, New Directions, Personal Stories, Relationships | 2 comments

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  • wow.. a FAB post!!

    — Added by ontordrishti on February 3rd, 2010
  • This is a “resolution” I know I can stick to. What a wonderful way to make someone’s day *and* mine. Knowing I gave someone a smile, well, that’s a great feeling.

    — Added by Bikiniskigirl on February 15th, 2010

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