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23 dec

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas without Spending a Dime

With the Holiday season in full swing, the Mermaids want to share some gift ideas that won’t leave you fighting crowds or standing in lines!

Your Time.
It’s completely free and can mean more than any material gift. A simple gesture like offering to wrap presents for your elderly neighbor or your busiest friend…to organizing their holiday Christmas card list and stuffing envelopes! Take it a step further and volunteer to clean out a closet, an office space or an attic and really help someone start the New Year with a clean slate.

Share Your Gift.
We all have it–that one special gift that the world would never see without YOU in it! Maybe you’re a great photographer…offer to shoot a family photo session. Talented makeup artist or hairdresser? Help your girlfriends prep for their holiday parties. Have a career or degree in finance? Offer to sit down and go over family expenses and create a budget.

Free and Fragrant.
Instead of the typical candle, pull some fresh herbs from your garden and give a lift to a neighbor or friend’s kitchen–they smell as great as they look.

This Year, Lose the Labels.
Except for your own! Print personalized labels from your computer as a practical and pretty gift.

Pass the Pooch.
Dog sitting is a great way to relieve someone for a day or an overnight so they can complete their last minute holiday shopping or save a few bucks on a dog walker or doggy day care. The same goes for kids too!

Recycled Recipes.
A great way to share the gift of your favorite meals is by copying them and binding the recipes into a book covered in a lovely fabric or printed paper.

Create a Couture Collection Box.
Is your closet the gift that could keep on giving and giving and…giving? Dig out those gently worn vintage finds and garments that are a size too small or too big and finally break up with those “I have too many bad memories in these mules!” Gift a fashionable collection to someone you love and let them walk a mile in your shoes. You could also list your designer duds on eBay and use the “free” money towards a charity gift or donation.

Inspired by Style.
If you are a talented interior designer, home architect or just blessed with a trained eye for style–why not offer an hour or more of your time to help someone spruce up their space? Wallpaper, choosing paint colors, measuring for window treatments or just sitting together to flip through magazines or your favorite design blogs is a wonderful gift.

Rule of Fin:
Re-use any leftover wallpaper or fabric to wrap journals, photo books or CD cases.

Extras can also be used for stylish wrapping paper for extra special presents throughout the year.

Gifted in the Kitchen.
This year, our top chef friend ( gave his entire family the gift of a week’s worth of his gourmet home cooked meals.

Not so sharp with a steak knife? A sweet staple like holiday cookies are thoughtful and can look beautiful if you get a little creative with your decorating!

Whatever you give this year, keep in mind that “Meaning is the New Money.”

Celebrate and Swim Lightly,
The Mermaids

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