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28 dec

Abundance, Health, and Harmony

In Chapter 8 of my book, Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams, I want you to understand that abundance, health, and harmony are indeed your birthright, and I want to get you past the notion that this idea is simply wishful thinking. When you truly understand this, as you go about living your life, any thoughts or beliefs that contradict the idea that abundance, health, and harmony are meant to be in your life will be exposed and fall away from your thinking. With faith engaged, opposing thoughts and beliefs will automatically be defeated, clearing the way for “right” thinking. By understanding that abundance, health, and harmony are reasonable benchmarks for your life, virtually everything you think will then be cast in their light, and your course will be set.

Your Heritage
You are a miracle. Every cell and atom in your body is divine and alive, intricate and sophisticated, efficient and perfect. Lack, illness, and discord aren’t par for the course. They’re not the goals for any of us. They’re simply the byproducts of limited, fearful, and under-par thinking.

This place we live, Earth, is the emerald of all space. It’s spectacular, living, and giving. It’s alive with countless creatures that live in harmony above, below, and around it. It’s teeming with intelligent life, an animal kingdom, a plant kingdom, and adventurers like you and me. It’s lush with abundance and loaded with diversity—dazzling colors, sights, textures, and sounds, tantalizing sceneries from the plains to the mountains, from the seashores to the ocean floors, from the valleys to the glaciers and the deserts, sunrises and sunsets, snowfalls, rains, towering clouds, and crystal-clear blue skies. What’s going on here is a dance of becoming, not a dance of remission, and every element and compound, every beating heart and thought, are all born of a greater intelligence.

Are you beginning to see, perhaps a bit more clearly, your heritage, your power, your divinity? Are you beginning to see that with the power of your thoughts and the unending magic of this magnificent habitat, all things are possible?

The Universe has dreamed far, far more for you than you have dreamed for yourself. You are far more likely, by ten thousand times, to succeed than to fail. Your entire life is proof of this “imbalance,” your extreme predisposition to success, your wild inclination to prosper, your divine propensity to thrive. Do you now realize that abundance, health, and harmony are already yours, in a kingdom you rule with the thoughts you choose to think? The starting point is not that you don’t have any and you just want a little. It’s that you have everything and you just want a little. What a concept! You are the prodigal child, and feasts, banquets, and celebrations await your return to riches unimaginable—to an inheritance you’ve completely forgotten was yours, right here and now on planet Earth. All you have to do is finally recognize the truth about your reality and who you really are.

By Mike Dooley, as featured in The Secret and author of the New York Times best-seller, Infinite Possibilities—The Art of Living Your Dreams.

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