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04 nov

Thank and Appreciate Your Employees

startinganewbusiness_businessdealhandshakeouttoyouThanking and celebrating employees are critical components of successful managing in an intellectual-age economy. Appreciation and celebration activate emotions. And, strong positive emotions have been proven to inspire loyalty.

Today’s workplace relies on employee thinking, commitment and engagement for success; employees who are celebrated and regularly thanked for their contributions, consistently contribute more, out-perform others and are more loyal. Besides being the right thing to do personally, it’s also great for business.

Consider these four ways to thank and celebrate your employees throughout the year:

1. Take the time to talk to, and get to know, your employees. The most significant way to thank and celebrate your employees is to get to know them. Take them to lunch or schedule time to ask about their values, hobbies, and interests. Understand your employees. Use what you now know about them to build a customized skills-improvement performance plan. Spend time with, and become interested in, each of your employees. The one-on-one attention you invest in is a significant way to celebrate all your employees’ talents and contributions.

2. Ask employees what they think. The best way to feel appreciated is to be included – to feel that your perspectives matter. In today’s intellectual age, we need input from all of our employees; managers alone do not have all the answers. Including employees in company issues, challenges, and opportunities empowers them, engages them, and connects them to something important.

3. Say thank you, and mean it. Most managers actually do thank employees who do great work. Employees work for more than money. They work for the praise and acknowledgement of their managers. A sincere thank you, said at the time of a specific event that warrants the applause, is one of the most effective ways to appreciate employees. Remember the phrase, “What gets rewarded, gets repeated.” Start to say “thank you” or “I appreciate what you do” when it is deserved and it will inspire the behaviors to continue. Make it personal and sincere. Catch employees doing great things and respond. It empowers them, appreciates them, and celebrates their performance.

4. Spend a nickel to get a dollar. Employees are impressed with a small “thank you” gift or prize, when the prize is customized and personal. A $10 Starbucks card, certificate for a movie rental, coupon for a sandwich, or ice-cream award can be great ways to customize a thank you. Employees are not affected by the size of the gift, but by its appropriateness. A manager, who understands his team will know the right, small, and meaningful incentive for each employee. The small thank you gift—$10. The impact on the employee—priceless.

Say “thank you,” and celebrate the people who matter to you—at work AND at home.

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