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10 nov

11.11 “The Four Pillars”

November 11th, 2009

Transitioning into any Major Universal Shift is not always easy and or comfortable to your embodiment. As humans you are witnessing one of the “Greatest Shifts on  Earth,” says Ascended Master Kuthumi (world leader teacher and master).  He says that the “4 Pillars” are completely in line of our Universal Awakening to the Truest Experience that has ever been witnessed by the Human Species. “It is TRUTH”; he  speaks that the illusion of the space you call “time” here on Linear has no more sand in its Hour Glass. TIME as what you may know, has been completed.  With the Awakening occurring, many Humans still live in FEAR. When you are in this Linear, with FEAR, you can manifest a “ripple” effect for many more to become this panic, this despair, this challenge of wondering what is to come.  PLEASE help yourself  not to FEAR, for this is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is an Illusion. Eternal is the TRUTH, and this is the only space without time, that will truly bring Peace, Joy and Love.

The coming 11.11 (November 11th, 2009) is a “passage” into the Pillars of Eternal Light. The Four Pillars stand as Humility, Passion, Truth and Oneness. The Pillar of Humility is the experience to be liberated from the suffering of life and the  human mind’s ego. It is the emptiness and non-self, free from suffering and illusions, humbled. In this Pillar entrance, the light being has climbed the “Ladder of Rights to no more Rungs.” The Pillar of Passion is to be strong and have extravagant fondness, enthusiasm and a desire for anything that portends the positive of Nirvana, the “blissful” state of being, being set Free. Pillar of Truth; it is Knowledge, Wisdom and the Faith of your journey into Oneness, creating the I Am Presence, the ability to conceive the enlightenment through release of linear experiences; it is the Knowing rather than believing; it is the vibration of “feeling” from the sacred heart and its truest realization. The Pillar of Oneness is the Ultima, journey into the Infinite. It is an immeasurable space without calculated time, zero point, a gathering of collective celestial and majestic beauty. It is the Triumph of Color and Musical Vibration, Freedom, Peace, Joy and Home.

These Pillars are of the “Divine God Code” through Sacred Geometry. It is the symmetry of the Masculine and Feminine that is “weaved” through all living things; such the “Flower of Life,” we are God Light that holds the Sacredness to our Eternal. You  are the Pillar; you are infused and invoked with the “Divine God Code,” integrated with Source Intelligence, creating these 4 Pillars to Our Eternal Existence. On 11.11 @ 11:00 a.m., the Curtain (veil) is wide open. It is here when entered  (by choice), where we are infused and invoked with the Violet Light, the Tube of Truth that we have come to receive. In the “I Am Presence” we stand in Oneness.

We have completed calculated “Time” soon, and the Highest Christ Consciousness is the Whole Being, the blending and banding is Union ship of no more divide. We walk the “Stairway to Heaven” to enter the 4 Pillars, from a journey traveled of past, present and future. We are Now, the present, the “Presence of Oneness”. In this “eleven OUR” of being Awakened, there is no more “past”, no more “future.” It is the “present” from the Tree of Life that we sustain this Eternal gift. We are the “hallow” spine of this Tree. The Fruits are now ripe as the gathered Apples and Pears grow together as Oneness from this Eternal Tree. November, December and January of 2009 are symbolized as “Death, Ascend and Beginning.”

In these three (3) months, it is highly recommended to give you the much needed Rest, for Death are Transformation, change and completeness. Death is a natural occurrence and mustn’t be feared. To “rest” the body, mind and spirit, is to cleanse the old to prepare for the new. Death is the Cycle of Life. All living has its changes of season. Stay strong and encourage thyself to this fullest surrender, embrace and be blessed with this Death, for endings always bring new beginnings.

Ascend is to Rise, lift the Vibrations to Oneness. The uplift to the Stairway, the journey not the destination, for it is the Infinite to Ascend; to be released from all restriction and waiting;  Aligned with the Divine God, never ending, Home and Peace. Beginning is the “new Birth” not “re-birth” of the Eternal Existence; to be realized no past and future only the Present. It is here where Oneness is without Form and the Birth of this Ascension from the Death has given us completeness and alignment of the God Within. It is now, when one begins to relinquish the attached, and begins to prepare for  the opening of the space within us that is beyond the cult of a patterned personality.

Many fear the word “death,” for they feel this is the end of the physical existence. Every day you release to a death, by letting go of something that you have patterned yourself to hold onto. All must end to create the beginning again. The Soul Contracts that have been re-cycled, re-birthed for eons of times, are no more.  These contracts are being completed now. It is time to ascend back home, the home that we desire of our truest form, “light.” Humans will witness greatness, love, joy, peace and happiness. The loss is over, we are leaving the pain. Smile and just be happy, for it is time to run to the playgrounds and be a kid again; no more work, living a life purpose to serve as you equally receive. Coming together as a whole family again, that trust, loves and shares stories of happiness. We have come to a space without any needs or wants, we are fully detached, we are removed from others responsibilities; and from this we can now assist ALL beings help themselves feel the same love and joy.

In this completion cycle of this experience, choices will be made. What we need to remember is that we already made the choice, the choice to stand together in  Oneness, beyond the drama of the final residue of the past and future, for it has come to the space of only the NOW, the presence, the Gift. Taking much needed time now is to rest; enjoy your time off, relax, play and love yourself;  For it is the human ego no more, for the Pillar of Humility is all that stands tall.

May all the blessings be filled to thy will of knowing; the Truth, and so it is.

Rev. Mary Martin
Mystic Illuminist

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