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05 oct

Qualities of a Change Agent

It seems like more and more people want to give back, volunteer, feel as if their work matters and that they are making a difference. For some, they want to create change in their community, in their school, in the workplace and for others, they want to change something on an even bigger level. This notion of being a “change agent” is open to anyone, at any age, from anywhere. There are no entry requirements. What I have found, however, is that these people do share a certain set of qualities and character traits that they embody. Here are 10 qualities of a change agent.

1) They don’t ask for permission and they don’t seek approval
Being a change agent often means creating something from scratch or doing something that hasn’t been done before. People may question you, say it’s not your nature, be threatened or let you know why it won’t work. So what you can do is to create a healthy boundary and remember you’re not doing this to get approval, but to inspire and manifest change.

2) They are open minded.
Anything is possible for a change agent. You don’t want to cling to being right, to your previous knowledge or experiences. You don’t want to hold on tightly to your identity, what you are or used to be. You do want to start unlearning things you thought were true. It’s better to be open minded than to be right.

3) They think from a standpoint of abundance.
A change agent never starts from scarcity. Yes, there are more jobs, more food, more love, more answers, more health, more relationships, more businesses to be started. The universe is always expanding and so is that of a change agent.

4) They have a support team.
A change agent never feels like they have to do it all alone. They reach out, ask for help, connect with others. They share. They’re vulnerable. They let others know what they need. Change agents are not superwomen or supermen. They all have their go-to team.

5) They are optimistic.
Change Agents have positive beliefs—first about themselves. They don’t play small, little me. They shine their power from within. They have positive beliefs about life, about resilience, inner strength, about life being on their side, conspiring for good, always. They believe in the inherent good of human beings and that change is possible.

6) They have their own beliefs and don’t buy into those of the “tribe.”
Change Agents don’t plug into what everyone thinks and says. They have a unique viewpoint on a situation, what needs to happen and what’s possible. They seek out different sources of information. They question everything. They allow themselves to be different and hence find different ways of solving things.

7) They find time to be silent.
Change Agents are not afraid of going inside—finding their answers within. They trust their intuition above all else. They are connected to a higher part of themselves. They find their peace, tranquility, wisdom by taking time to reflect, contemplate, meditate, write, being in nature….whatever works for them.

8) They take care of themselves.
Change Agents know that to be full, to give, to serve and help, to have energy, they must take care of themselves first. They are healthy. They have rituals that are sacred to them. They respect their body, mind and spirit.

9) They give themselves permission to be human.
Change Agents feel their emotions deeply. They are not afraid of the pain, the sadness, the fear and know these are all part of the journey. They are real, vulnerable, unafraid to show feelings. Their feelings are often the fuel they use to create change.

10) They are connected to something bigger that brings them joy.
Change Agents have a desire to do good, to love and serve others, to be part of something, big or small that can help in some way. Their motivation reaches beyond ego and often rests in their feeling connected to more of a spiritual purpose.

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