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26 sep

The Quality of Life Project

My friend Kit Cooper is a successful entrepreneur who started a wonderful movement called The Quality of Life Project.

His mission is to help us all see our lives through the lens not of money or success but of contentedness, happiness, being more conscious of our day-to-day lives. He interviews incredible people who are often very successful but have managed to find a true balance and retain a quality of life. They are healthy. They have authentic relationships. They often have a spiritual path and nearly all of them find great joy in giving, serving, contributing to others in some way.

He is very quickly becoming a library of incredible wisdom and best practices for really having and enjoying a quality-filled, balanced life.

He’s interviewed people from Richard Branson—who kissed me many years ago, but that’s a whole other story—to Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder of the incredible Acumen Fund that helps with micro financing around the world, to Gary Vanderchuck, the legendary social-media expert.

Kit gave me the honor of being interviewed for his project a few weeks ago when I was in L. A. He just posted clips from our interview together. As you will see from the taping, his questions are terrific in getting things out of people. He asked me things like

-What are my daily practices?
-How do I find joy/balance?
-How do I take care of my health and energy?
-What’s my diet?
-What have I learned about relationships?!
-How do I deal with tough times?
-How do I manage my time?

and then other questions about my various perspectives on life.

You will learn the one thing I have next to me at home/work no matter what, what you’d notice if you shadowed me for a day, what I do before every meeting and some tips that really help me never get sick.

I hope you enjoy this. Let me know anything you found interesting, surprising, unexpected. And do check out the other amazing interviews he’s done.

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