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10 aug

Yeah…It Has Been A Lot

I have heard that the four most stressful things you can go through in life are: marriage, death of a loved one, moving (especially out of state), and divorce.
I went through all of these within a four month period last year. To kick it up a notch I decided to try to forget the marriage, cross-country move, and divorce and move to a new state again.
I have done all of this with my amazing 16 year old daughter.

It is still hard, the man I married turned out to be what I consider a monster, and he owes me money and refuses to sign any sort of agreement to settle for the money he owes. Control. I married a control nut.
I took my daughter from her school, her life, her family with the promise of something better with the love of my life. He was worth doing this all for…so I thought.
I am still trying to survive. All I know now is that I can get through any thing.

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