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07 aug

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I was recently laid off from my job in May from a profession I worked in for 16 years.I’ve gone through the bouts of anger,depression, especially depression. I took online classses in a field I have always found enjoyable( working with small engines), I am having a difficult time trying to find work in the field. I have even posted ads to get work and have had no luck.I’m beginning to think it waas a waste of time and money or am I being to hard on myself and chalk it up to a learning experience?

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  • Wow einstein – I admire your fortitude and ambition to change fields. Not sure what type of small engines you can work on, but have you tried just doing it out of your home/garage for awhile. There’s nothing in the universe that says we must work for someone else. This maybe the beginnings of a great new company for you.

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