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28 aug

Starting Again at 54

I am also 54 and going through a divorce. I did not want this to happen but here I am. I believe that this is a new beginning.My children and friends have been very supportive. I also make sure to make time for myself and help others. I hope that his helps.

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  • I got divorced at 40, when my children were 4 and 5. My ex stalked stalking us and threatening to kill us, and I ended up immigrating to another country. Wow! It was a challenge. But – it was the best thing I’ve ever done (divorce, I mean, not necessarily the emigration!). But having a complete change at that stage of my life, even though the children were so little, was so rejuvenating and enriching, my life and thinking have been totally transformed for the better.
    Make no mistake, going through a divorce is something you wouldn’t really wish on your worst enemies. But it does pass, and giving yourself something wonderful to look forward to certainly helps. Best of luck.

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