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22 aug

My Liver Malfunction

I had an Anti-Immune Disorder come back all-of-a-sudden in March 2007. Hadn’t had any problems w/ my Immune System for 16.5 years so even my Private Doctor couldn’t figure out why.

Then! My health became worse when I suffered from Jaundice and it was found out that my Liver had begun to Malfunction! I went through 2 yucky things in March & Nov. 2007- my Diaphragm Seal ruptured & filled the area around the right-lung sac w/ too much fluid causing my Lung to Collapse :( .
Great local Dr. from Mine Hill, NJ was able to fix it at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville the 1st time.
Then, in Nov., I had a bad allergic reaction to a Liquid Medication & it caused the left lung to “sorta” collapse. I was rushed down to Newark Medical Care Center in a Randolph Rescue Squad Van w/ my Husband following the 2 Police Cars.
The Mine Hill Dr. fixed it it again!

Absolute worst thing happened in 12/07- my Ammonia Level rose soo high that it “broke thru” my blood brain barrier at Midnight on 12/22/07. It was a Record High Level for NJ – 380! I was in CCU at St. Clare’s in Denville and I am “Proof That Prayers Do Work” because I woke up the afternoon of 12/27/07 :)!!!

2008 was great- I not only got 2 but 3 Positive Verifications of No Longer Needing a Liver Transplant! And now I’m waiting to hear my 4th one at the end of this Month!
“Hooray for Prayers!”

God Bless Everyone for Praying,

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