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08 aug

Lost just about everything

Hello, my name is Cindy and because of the economy and my husband’s bad knees we had to close our business and sell our home. We didn’t get close to what either were worth. We moved across the country so my husband could attend school to get sound production training..because at least he wouldn’t have to be on his feet. But it is a business that will take 20 years to make any progress in. And $10 an hour..if he could even find an opening isn’t enough to support our family.

I have been a stay at home mom and homeschooled my children for 18 years. I answered the phone for our business and did some bookwork too. Throughout our 28 years of marriage I occasionally worked outside the home as needed.

I have been looking for work since last December and I can’t even get a phone call or an interview. I took the test for a census job and scored 100 but still haven’t gotten a call.

We are out of money..and can no longer afford the rent of the home we are in. Of course who wants to rent to a family…where no one has a job?

The state we live in..AZ will pay to have my husband’s knees replaced and it was scheduled but we can’t do it because we don’t have a place to live for his recovery.

I have worked as an executive secretary to a senior vice president of a major bank and also have worked as an office manager. I am looking for any kind of clerical I can’t be on my feet for 8 hours any more. My husband and I are both very hard workers. We built our home by ourselves…while my husband worked a full time job and started his business on the side until it was big enough to support us on its own. During this time…when work was through my husband used any ’spare time’ to build our home..we lived in the foundation for years.

It was extremely difficult to leave our home, business, friends, family ..we had lived there for close to 30 years. But I can’t even dwell on that..i have to take care of us now. We have a 10 yo dd at home yet..and an 18 yo ds..who just won the Presidential Scholarship for the community college. We have 2 other grown children. We are waiting to hear from Social Security about my husband’s disability benefits..but we have no idea how much longer. We were told his file was randomly selected for ‘quality review’..which means another 3 to 8 weeks.

We both have so much anxiety/panic and depression…and I have no idea if we will have a roof over our heads at the end of this month.

Any advice, suggestions, encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Dear missayari,
    Thank you for writing and praying for my situation, and most of all for caring.I understand the pain of relationships too. My husband and I separated and almost divorced a year ago..this year we celebrate our 29th anniversary. The pain of thinking my marriage was over was devastating. Honestly, I really needed to be hospitalized..but had no health I had to try to cope and struggle on my own. I don’t understand how our lives went down so quickly or what the future holds in store. I keep trying to have a hopeful attitude..but sometimes I wonder if I will ever be grateful to be alive…and not be jealous when I hear someone has died. Prayers for you and whatever your needs are right now. gentle hugs,Cindy

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  • Oh My God, this brings me close to tears. The only thing I think I can do for you is pray. And I’m gonna ask you to have faith, you will make it threw. Im going to pray for you to have a home, and an income. I wish there was more I can do.
    Here we are complaining about relationships that dont work out and you have real problems!
    I wish you and your family the best of luck and remember, just when your about to give up, thats when it all starts to come together and you’ll be building your life up soon.
    My deepest sympathy.

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