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10 aug

Independence Challenged Dramatically

Back in October, 2008, I had reconstructive surgery on my deformed right foot because I couldn’t walk anymore. Little did I know, at the time, how much my life would change because of it. And it’s still not over! The doctor that performed my surgery had said it could take up to a year to heal but I just blew it off thinking I’m healthy, I will heal faster than he thinks.

What a fool I was to think that! I am a over 50 woman, sitting or laying around all winter got me some bone loss. I was off my foot with a fixator attached until February, then two different casts were put on, non-weight bearing, of course. The hardest part of this whole thing was the change from a totally independent woman to one who had to depend on everyone to help me with just about everything! Showers, meals, housework, bathroom functions, you name it. Oh and getting someone to do my grocery shopping. All the while, living on just $205.00 a month. Thank God I was getting food stamps so I could eat! But the biggest change I’ve had to face was slowing down and realizing what life is about. I had a huge bout with depression I thought I could handle on my own, found out I couldn’t. Went to my family doctor for some meds to help me through. I was afraid to admit to myself that I am only human and don’t have to handle it all myself. Some great people now know of my situation because I’ve been more open about my problems, just the sharing has helped so much! I’ve also learned to take time for myself and not feel selfish about it. I’ve been studying the Bible, reading, watching movies, spending more time with my grandchildren and actually getting confidence in myself that I am alright, just as I am. I have had my electric shut off and I found a way to get it back on. My gas was shut off and I found a way to get that turned back on. And I didn’t lose it! I’ve learned to take things as they come instead of getting all emotional and depressed. I realize I am going to make it after all! I am still not walking constantly but I’m getting there. I am planning to go golfing this Saturday and making the best of it. So I’ve learned for a fact, when God is in your life, it makes life a whole lot easier to live.

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