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09 aug

I want to find ME

I want to find me! I have always been the daughter, the girlfriend, the friend, the sister and now the mother. I have never been ME! I have now been living as a single mother for 9 3/4 years and I have put my heart and sole into my beautiful DD – but in the process I lost me even more! I forgot how to LIVE for me….. I want to LIVE FOR ME so that I can LIVE better for everyone around me. I have let myself go – I have gained weight – I have become old and grumpy! I DON’T want to be this way anymore! * I HATE my job * I want a job I can LOVE * I have no life unless it involves my DD * I want a life with her not for her * I love my family but they are more disfunctional that any family I have ever seen they are mean and unhappy towards each other * I want to help me so I can help them!* I will make little changes to help all of these things along the way! Step One – I will lose 1/3 the weight I need to lose by the end of the month…. step two stay tuned.

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  • Dear KyliesMom,
    I will keep you in my Prayers that you will “find: yourself. And your Daughter is lucky to have you!
    God Bless,

    — Added by admin on August 22nd, 2009
  • I think the little changes idea is good. How about re-phrasing Step One as “This month I will eat like the person I want to be.” That could be a 1/3 slimmer person, or a veggie person, or a professional person, or whatever you would like to see yourself as. Instead of setting up a goal where you either succeed or fail. You can evaluate your efforts at the end of the month focusing on the positive changes you made. Good luck – do something nice for YOU.

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    — Added by admin on August 22nd, 2009

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