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09 aug

I found my passion but . . .

In the last year I have been downsized from two jobs, one I had been with for nine years and other for 8 months. With all the downsizing, I started writing resumes for others to help them. I have been writing resumes for over ten years for friends and family but I never wrote for people that I did not know. I have found an unbelievable joy in writing those resumes – it has become a passion where I totally loose myself into their resume. I read the resume through and then I intuitively write a profile about them. I feel it – I just know that this is what they have to offer and I put it into words. People tend not to want to brag or over sell themselves but I can do that for them. I sense their talents and I find those “magic” words to transfer their skills onto paper. I totally lose myself in the resume and hours will pass. I am so grateful for this talent – I just wish I knew how to make it my life’s work. I don’t know where to start – I have never run a business. I am at trainer by profession and I love doing that but resume writing is where my heart finds its joy.

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  • Wow – I wish I could find something I loved so much! You can make it your life’s work just expand it to maybe a personal coach.

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