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08 aug

Encore Career

Last year I turned 50 and leading up to that milestone, I came to realize it was time to pursue my dreams. Oddly enough, I have always been a fan of change, and was willing to go through whatever I had to go through to get where I needed to be, but I had no idea how to formulate a plan to pursue my life’s purpose.

Through diligent prayer, research, and reading countless books and articles on discernment, and learning the language of the Holy Spirit, I have come to understand what I was born to do! I have been on the path with my name on it for two years now, and will be entering the next big phase this fall — graduate studies toward a brand new career.

I am amazed at my newfound ability to remain positive through some extremely difficult challenges at work, and yet when I remember the source of this peace amidst the storm, I realize I shouldn’t be amazed at all. On one hand I wonder what took me so long to get to this point; on the other hand, I wouldn’t be prepared for this change until it began to occur and have faith that God’s timing is perfect.

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