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20 aug

Creating New Dreams

I am a widow of 5 years with 2 sons, one a college freshman and one a high school junior. I left a successful senior legal and operations management career 10 years ago to care for my children and ended up as my husband’s caregiver as he succumbed to cancer. I am a full time volunteer at my church and my son’s school but feel anxious about the future. In less than 2 years I will be “alone” and want this year to seriously begin redrafting my future dreams. What do I want to do — how do I rebrand myself and find a fulfilling job? I am very blessed with my family and friends but uncertain about how to begin the job search all over again. I love Arianne’s optimism and know that God has a plan….but how do I figure it out? It sometimes seems overwhelming. Glad to get this out as I know there are many of us struggling with similar issues. Thanks for listening!

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