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09 aug

Career Change

In 2005 I was involuntarily separated from a career I’d been in for 25 years. There aren’t employers offering that career path in the area I live in, so my choices were to move or stay where I am and pursue other jobs/careers. I chose the latter. Although it’s been a little tough financially (I’ve made some lifestyle changes), I would have to say that I’ve enjoyed the variety of jobs I’ve had and they’ve been good experiences–but not job security. I thought I finally had some job security when I accepted a job 8 months ago. However, the company had a layoff a couple of months ago and another one last month, and once again I’m finding myself without a full-time job. Fortunately, I kept my part-time job and have temporarily been able to pick up additional hours there to help make ends meet–but I don’t expect the additional hours to last. The path I’m exploring is working part-time to pay the bills and returning to school for a certificate program, and I’m hoping to receive financial aid. The certificate is for a profession in health care, and the profession is “portable” (in demand in lots of locations). I’m nervous, but excited!

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