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14 aug

A New Beginning

CatDog here!!! 5 days ago I shared a story with you called Live In The Moment. I have been going through changes in my life that at times, seemed endless.

But just to show you how fast things can change with positive thinking and living in the moment – let me give you a little insight how that “something good” came around the corner yesterday for me.

5 months ago I quit my job because it was so stressful. In that time, I sent out over 250 resumes to companies in 6 different cities. At times I felt drained – but I never let myself dwell on it. I reminded myself every day, today is a new day, just send out some resumes, check the job bank, and stay positive.

All my luck soon changed. Wednesday afternoon when I got home from dropping off resumes, I noticed there was a message on my answering machine. It was from a company that I had faxed a resume to last week. I called the gentleman the next morning and he asked if I was available for an interview that same day at 1:30 PM. Without thinking, I said yes! The “old me” (as I like to refer to myself) would have gone into an instant panic after hanging up the phone. An interview on the same day as I contact the company, I wasn’t ready. My stomach would get butterflies, my heart would race, after all I didn’t have much time to research the company or to refer to my interview questions to refresh myself on my strengths, weaknesses and examples of my experiences that I could share with this company. Nope, I was calm and relaxed. I told myself I was going to a meeting with a person to discuss my resume and my skills. I wouldn’t allow myself to let in any the negative thoughts.

Long story short, I GOT THE JOB!!!!! I start Monday doing something I’ve never done before, but am looking forward to the challenge. A new journey begins – I’m back in the “land of the living” as I like to refer to the employed population. One minute I was UNEMPLOYED and the next minute EMPLOYED! That’s how fast things can change… moving forward, when I least expected it, that “something positive” revealed itself.

Life truly is an amazing gift. By not letting myself worry about finances or when I would find another job, or anything negative and just living in the moment I was rewarded!!!!

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  • Congratulations! I just read your first story last night and posted a comment. I am currently employed but I may have to end my career due to health reasons on the advice of my doctor. I am scared about the uncertainty of my situation. I hope I can have the same attitude as you have and things will work out. Thanks again for posting your story.

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