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29 jul

The Epidemic No One Wants to Talk About

Deannemary -

First of all – I am offering you hope and the hand of a mother who knows where you are in your pain. A few notes and then some concrete sites to begin finding support when you feel you are so alone.

This is one of my pet causes. Not because I’m fond of it – but because we are so affected when our loves ones get hooked on drugs and he downward spiral begins. Part of the additional pain we suffer is due to the loneliness and helplessness we experience. We become sickened by the knowlege that is the addictions process is not best served by incarceration.

Too much of our society is not yet ready to believe that punishment is not a treatment or a deterrent to future episodes – does not build character or lead to rehabilitation. It simply gets the sick and addicted off our streets and into a position where they either sober up in fear and hope or are further mistreated by the cast of characters they are forced into.

I’m developing my own conversation about an alternative system to jails and worse for those impacted by addiction, bad choices, and stupidity.

Some would say that groups already exist – yet those groups gather in their own shadows as speaking out is not a popular speech for a world that wants to hide in the shame of having a family member or loved one affected by this segment of society we condemn, while others we know are buying products illegally or selling them and becoming a part of the conflict.

Others of us are out here looking for connections. I’m asking as well as addressing the pain in the gut, the depression that won’t leave us alone, the wounds of “why” and “how” and “who”……..that leave us crying separately – and alone in the darkness of night – when it is even daylight outside – when we need the support of others who understand and don’t condemn us further.

DO type “addictions” into a google or search site, and find the support of others who are going thru this epidemic – check out a great book, “The Alcohol and Addictions Cure” which addresses that inner pain that turns people into addicts – and the way to overcome. www.passa .

So many good resources in bookstores. Another book I highly recommend is “Seven Weeks to Sobriety” by Dr. Janet Lawson – following the suicide of her own son two months after he returned from treatment – and the triggers of chemicals in everyday life that contribute to our downfall. .

I am convinced after your reaching out – that more of us need to connect – and am now creating a new BLOG that will be active yet today. I hope within First 30 Days and will approach this site for info on that. Otherwise I will return today to post where we can connect and support each other as this drug thing ain’t goin’ away and we may as well deal with it in the best possible way to enact change and better support.

That address I will post separately as I know who you are – although we have never met. I know how you feel although I have never seen you. And I know the individual loneliness is unbearable as we try to hid the pain in isolation.

Bless you for the brave question you have posed.
Let’s find some solutions and support together.

Blessings, Joie

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  • Joie: Thank you so much for caring enough to write. I will certainly keep in touch, and read the books that you have suggested. Good luck with your blog. I will look for you.
    Love, Deanne

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