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04 jul

International University of Nursing!

i have always been a really goal oriented person and ive wanted to become a registed nurse with the specialty being midwifery. i also know that i have dislexia and through knowing that i know that the way i do best is hands on so i wanted to accomidate myself of my goal by taking steps toward. i recently moved from santa cruz to live oak for the one purpose to go to school and get my certified nurses assistant. i have know been working full time in a skilled nursing facility getting wonderful work experence for four months. Just recently i have been looking into my next step in educating myself. i have found the community colleges who have waiting list of at least 2 yrs, the western career college that offers an licence vocational nursing, and with a help of a friend he showed me a school called international university of nursing! it offers a nursing program in associate or a bachalors degree. the first 6 semester the campus is located in st kipps which is apart of the carribean island! after you come back to the united states where there is special accetated school all over the u.s. for one more year.

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02 jul

The Woodpecker Syndrome

I am often asked what’s the secret to success? to being an entrepreneur? to getting a goal? to pursuing a dream?

Well, I’ve come to answer all of these questions with the same answer. Be a woodpecker! Yes, a bird!

Find out how thinking like a woodpecker can help you reach your goals >>

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