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04 jul

On the Road to Freedom!!

I found this site, strickly by accident, in late February, 2008.

After taking computer classes thru SeniorNet (a seniors teaching seniors group,) I shakely had figured out how to acquire 3 email addresses. On one there appeared information about, and I bumbled around till I managed to get there.

For 3 months, I only read what was written by others. After I became more familiar with the workings of email, the computer, and first30days, I signed up for the change, Making Change Easier. Thirty days later, I signed up for Depression (very helpful whether you ARE depressed or not) and Getting Happier. By the time the second 30 days were up, on July 17, 2008, I knew that I was strong enough to tell my negative, domineering, manipulative & controling husband of 48 years that I wanted a divorce.

Up to that point, I had never felt that I was as strong, resilient and resourceful as I truly am.

This last year has been filled with ups and downs, as life can be, but my resolve has never faltered.

On June 18, 2009, my divorce was final!!

This whole time, I’ve been taking writing classes and find it has become my passion!

On the waiting list for low income housing, I look forward to the peace and quiet of having my own space. In the process of making necessary changes, i.e. driver’s license, new will, etc., I find that things are going so smoothly, it’s remarkable!

Had it not been for this site and all those on it, who knows if I would have taken the necessary steps to free myself from what had become a very unhealthy marriage. I am 70 years old and just getting started!! Now watch me soar!

Thank you, all of you, for your support, good suggestions and caring words!

Now to be known as LillieK.

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  • Dear LillieK,
    Congratulations on embodying all that being a Change Optimist is! What a truly remarkable and courageous woman you are.
    Every person on this planet has to, at times, face her own demons, examine her own life and make her own choices. Whether we are 7 or 70 is irrelevant.
    I personally believe each choice we make affects the next phase of our journey and each life’s journey we take contributes to the karma that we will carry through to the next round.
    The fact is that you have chosen to make changes and embrace your choices in THIS moment and in THIS lifetime and that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves . . . living fully and presently.
    I hope you write a book and know that I, for one, will be waiting in line at the bookstore for your autograph.
    Kindest regards,

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    — Added by admin on August 24th, 2009
  • What a great example of how taking that first step of change can improve your life in so many ways and where it can lead. Often I find that the decision to take that step towards change to be difficult and scary initially. Having the support of a site like First30Days makes these decisions so much easier when you know that others have gone through similar transitions in life and have their support.
    It often helps us all to be able to come on a site like this and share our experiences if for nothing but to write it out and really see what we have accomplished so far. This community that has been built on First30Days always seems to point me in the right direction which has helps me through many changes in my life as well.
    It sounds like you are well on your way to “Being Happier” in your life. You should be proud of your accomplishments. I look at your story as an inspiration for myself. Thank you.
    Good Luck and keep it up!

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    — Added by admin on August 24th, 2009
  • Dear Lillie K – good for you! You have achieved so much already and you are an incredible example to all of us. Keep the writing up and live your dream!!! ;)

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    — Added by admin on August 24th, 2009
  • That is really awsome that this website made such an impact on you and helped you to find it within yourself to have confidence to believe in yourself! congratulations for taking back you power for yourself…

    Shared by brookmarie.

    — Added by admin on August 24th, 2009

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