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14 jun

Why Can’t I Be Successful!

I am a high school student, and really love English! But I always can’t speak English well. I’m very anxious about this thing! Though I have been learning English 6 years, I can’t speak fluent English. I am really willing to chat with foreigners. Maybe can help me improve English spoken. Who can help me?

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  • Well, I’m not a foreigner exactly, but I do have many friends who have immigrated to the US and even some that still have their accents. Here’s what I can say based on what they have told me about their experiences.
    First of all, don’t feel bad if you can speak perfect English. Unfortunately, English is not an easy language (not like any language is, but it’s harder than others) and even fluent English speakers don’t get it right all the time. There are many people to this day that still have a hard time pronouncing some words, learning tense, writing, etc. My best friend who came to America from Thailand when she was 11 had to take ESL classes for 4 years because she couldn’t speak English well. Now she speaks and writes better English than me (and I only know how to speak English). Another friend I have from Bangladesh took longer than my Thai friend but has gotten better. Based on their improvement in English, here’s what I can tell you. It takes a lot of time and usually, people are very understanding when it comes to foreigners speaking English because they haven’t spoken it all their lives.
    First, surround yourself with as much English as possible. My friends have improved their English simply going to college! Read as much as you can and speak as much English as possible. My roommate (an international student from China), she asks people how to pronounce certain words and has improved just on that. Just having a conversation with me greatly improved her English.
    I don’t really have any other advice other than repetition. It works when I tried to learn Japanese and has worked with other languages too. The best way to learn a language is through environment and repetition because people rarely speak “textbook” English. Continually have normal conversations in English, read a lot books in English and listen to people (radio, etc.) if English wasn’t your first language, it can take different amounts of time to learn it well and people learn in different ways and paces. Good luck! ^_^

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