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19 jun

Responding to Suky

I wanted to write something in the hopes that the dear woman, Suky, who shared her story on 6.15 would read this response.

Dear Suky,

After reading your story, I wanted to tell you how profoundly moved I was by your openness and your indomitable spirit.

I wanted to tell you that my heart was touched and perhaps forever altered because of your honesty and courage.

I wanted to tell you that I understand your pain inasmuch as anyone can truly understand or relate to another’s anguish.

I wanted to tell you that I too have experienced untold depths of sorrow with, and on behalf of, my own little children.

I wanted to tell you that there are so many women out there with similar stories, some better and some worse and we are all sisters in that regard.

I wanted to tell you this and so much more but mostly I wanted to tell you that you are a hero.

You represent me and every woman I know who is struggling; who is finding that the life they thought they would be living became frought with more peril than they could have imagined and certainly more than what they deserved.

You represent the best of what a woman is: a mother forever dedicated to her own children, an individual dedicated to creating her own destiny, a soul dedicated to its own expansion.

Even if that expansion means having to go to the absolute bottom-place to be able to begin anew . . . you are the emerging woman – an emerging force that the Universe will recognize and support.

You need to know your voice is being heard, your heart embraced, your strength renewed.

You are loved, supported and guided. We all are.

I send you light and love and encouragement to stay your course.


Shared by DivaMama.

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