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24 jun

My Lost Love

I was a single mother before and always looking for somebody who will accept me, until one day i fell inlove to a person who is in a vocation of becoming a priest, we had a very nice relationship we both love each other so much but then when his superior found out about all those things they moved him to a very far place that he could never have any contact with anybody. It was a very painful separation for me, everyday i go to church and pray and beg for him asking God why cant he give this man to me, every day i cried a lot, i even get myself drunk. My only way to escape from pain is to go out with friends, drink, and sometimes surf the internet and tries everything just to get out of my feelings. Then i met someone on the net, we became constant chatmate till we decided to be together and get married. Later i found out that we really has nothing in common, from beliefs bcoz im a catholic and he believes nothing. It was always argument between us in everything, even affecting my child from this situation. Although we dont have much in common, my so called husband and my son they connect and like each other. So my son has learned to like him though as a father. After five years of not having a contact or communication with my lost love, sometimes he drops a message on my messenger but i just kept on ignoring him bcoz of the hurts thats still inside me, until one day i get a chance to chat with him. He admit all his mistakes and apologize on everything, he said he became coward and was afraid that he might not give the life i was expecting so he chose his vocation, but he did’nt actually became a priest only on brotherhood serving people. He confess that he still love me and i just found myself telling him that my feelings for him never changed, still the same and still love him the same way. This month i will have the chance to go back to my country and we decided to see each other again. My husband has a heart problem even though he is a very difficult person, somehow i care for him. But dont know what to do, my heart is bothering me, im still inlove with my ex, i cant stop myself communicating with him. I know its wrong but it will make me happy seeing him again. Please help, dont know what to do.

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