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14 may

The First 30 Mins

I think First 30 Days is a brilliant idea and thank you Ariane for creating this “mentor-site”. For me whenever I have had to face a major change how I react in the first 30 mins often determines the ensuing course of action. Of course what follows is equally important but the basic foundation, based on what I think and feel tends to drive a large part of what follows. Therefore Ariane’s advice on just starting by saying “yes” is hugely important. Understanding the fear of change and replacing it with a sense of excitement of what new is about to enter one’s life is something that has helped me tremendously. I find that if in the first 30 mins I can replace a basic negative or fearful emotion and work at it so as to build an almost reflex positive response whenever change strikes I am off to a far better start in terms of handling it. This is very like the starting blocks of a sprinter, the way a boxer comes out of his or her corner or the way often in a soccer game the side that starts with greater energy and purpose in the first few minutes often ends up winning the game even against tough odds.

Shared by Kinnaur.

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