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Stop Smoking Help

I am new to First30Days and I am at a point of running scared-I had a real red flag warning a week ago and I was told I had to quit smoking if I was ever going to really feel healthy again. I also was told that I received “my free get out of jail” card and the next one would be “jail” permanently if I didn’t stop smoking. I have smoked for at least 50 years and have wanted to quit for a very long time. I have tried and not been successful. I am truly ready but I am so afraid I will fail. I know I have to take the leap and just do it – I can use whatever support you may have to offer me. I love my family with all my heart and I know they are so worried about me and don’t understand why I am still smoking. I really need to be able to write my feelings down and not feel I am being judged.


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  • I hear ya. I smoked 20-25 years myself. You CAN quit…and it may be easier than you think. There is so much press affirming that it is hard to quit. What if it is really fairly easy? You say you are afraid of failing: without sounding blaming, frankly you are failing right now every time you light up.
    Google a certified hypnotherapist in your area. It is a gentle yet powerful vehicle for change.
    Best of Health! Dr. Nancy

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  • While I am not a smoker, I do know a little bit how it feels to fear failure, to now have to change a habit that has been part of your life for so long. Having to change a part of you that you know is detrimental to your life as well as others is extremely hard and fear of failure is something that will definitely hold you back and prevent change. Unfortunately, I can’t give you good advice (I’m not good at it) or advice that is different than what you’ve already heard, but I will say it and hope it’s good.
    Admit it to yourself. It IS a great first step to stopping. You have smoked for 50 years. You want to stop smoking. Look at what your smoking has done to yourself and to others. Check health records, check how your family feels. Inform yourself as much as possible on the effects. Every negative thing you know about smoking is a positive enforcement to your change.
    I’m only on my first step myself and it is helping a lot. I hope you’ve already done this step and it’s never too late to start either. I have lost my uncle to smoking and he was one of my closest relatives in my family, so I am definitely supporting you. If you ever need someone to vent or are facing obstacles, you can message me.
    Samll changes are good. If you find that you can not smoke one day, but go back the next, try to extend that to two days. Everytime you use a cigarette, stomp on the box, continually stomp on the cigarette butt, flush it down the toilet. Vent any frustration on getting rid of the source. If you want to buy cigarettes, concentrate on the cost, “What can I buy with that money instead of cigarettes? Some yummy fast food, a gift for a friend? Maybe I’ll buy less cigarettes and buy something else with the leftover money.” Don’t feel bad when you have one, that’s not a failure. You’ve tried and it happened, “Well, if I can hold out on having a cigarette for longer, that means I’m making progress.” I know these aren’t the best suggestions, but when I am desperate to change, I use silly, but small steps to change. For example with my healthier lifestyle changes, I drink water instead of soda. I literally stare at the water button on the fountain drink machine everytime I go to a restaurant. Now I don’t even have too.
    I am VERY glad you have decided to quit smoking. you know I will support you. And you know that there are smoker helplines, plenty of people going through what you are going through. Remember small steps and prepare for alternatives to obstacles. I pray and will continue to do so for guidance and help for your positive change. Good luck :)

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  • Still not doing very good quitting. I’m not real happy with myself – you would think my eyes would be wide open and I would have the smarts to get down and serious. Please say some prayers for me, I sure do need them. Still hoping for some more good advice.

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  • I can relate to your fear. I have been trying to quit for the past several weeks and feel that I am on a roller coaster of anxiety. I have been listening to a great Cd by Pema Chodrun called Getting Unstuck . This really gets to the bottom of our need to hold on to our comfort zone even when it is something not helping us. It helps me see that I am human and vulnerable but I can slowly take steps to recognize my fear and not “scratch that itch!”I am giving myself time to let go and practice compassion with myself.
    I hope you will find a way to be patient with yourself and gain the confidence to tackle this.

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  • First you need to accept yourself as a smoker because acceptance is the first step on the road to personal change. Do not judge yourself for smoking but simply accept it as a fact of you quit for a day and then start smoking again the following day be gentle to yourself and vow to stop for 2 days next time (baby steps) Rome was not built in a day as they say.
    Secondly you need to trust yourself and have confidence in your ability to follow through in the end.
    Finally you have to get to the bottom of your unresolved anger issues as the previous respondant said. Incidentaly frustration is simply frustration turned towards yourself. All addictions are routed in anger and frustration. Fundamentally anger and frustration result from your inability to accept uncertainty in your life either in the behaviour of others or the events in your life.
    Stop and think what are the things that are really stressing you out at the moment and confront them. I know it is easier said than done but in the end you will feel much better for it believe me.

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