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06 may

i wonder if there is any help anymore,or do people just not care anymore?

my name is stephen. i am 55. i lost my tenncare. i can get insurance, but they want about 1500.00 a month, ha! ha!. i have applied for disability, with not much luck. i am living in housing now. if not for my father helping what little he can, i would be on the street. thank god for that. i have an aneurism in my lower aorta, about a 4 last time it was checked. the problem is, i take 7 blood pressure pills a day and my blood pressure still runs from 140/90 to 200/ 120. the doctors at the health department do not have the means to check for metal toxins or kidney problems or what else might be causing the problem. they just keep uping the medicine. i also have c.o.p.d.,nodules in my lung,bad lower back, bad upper back,bone spurs in both heals, and my elbow,arthritis in my lower neck,bad knees, a bad hip,bad shoulders, pollups in my nose, bad allergies, cataracts in both eyes, h-phyori bacteria and ulcers in stomach.i guess this is enough, i won’t bore you with the rest. i am getting to the point where i am about ready to just give up. and they told me i did not have enough wrong with me to keep my tenncare. it is hard to get help if you are a single white man with no children. every one i contact about this just sends me to someone else. i even contacted the john ritter foundation and that was a joke. he died from an aneurism. all they did was ask me to donate some money. i know tenncare was in trouble, but they should have took each case individually. good luck to the rest of you out there. i see that i will never get any help.

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  • most pharmaceutical companies have indigent plans, where you can receive your prescriptions for free or low cost. Contact local churches, catholic charities, you need to speak to a disabilities lawyer. Take care of yourself, eat right, lose weight if you are over weight, exercise (yes there are exercises you can do when you have health issues). Be a victor instead of a victim. Good luck!

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  • oh, this is stephen again or johnny1153. i forgot to mention the anxiety and deppression. but don’t we all have that.

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