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Changing into a Risky Career

Hello everyone, my name is Olimpia. I have been a substitute teacher for 10 yrs and I’m so burned out of this. I attended several colleges and in seven years received an M.S. in Educational Counseling but never had the luck to work in this profession on a permanent basis. I have always had a fear in change and taking a risk in doing what I have always loved and that is to be a professonal vocalist. I have always had a passion to sing and I do it well. Being a professional singer has always been my dream job. I have always thought a singing career would be impossible to achieve since the odds in being successful are so rare. I am 43 yrs. old and thought that this dream job would be too late to accomplish. Recently, I have been changing my negative thought process. In addition, trusting in my higher power about my deepest desires to sing has been totally inspirational. The last few weeks I have been going out and socializing. The results have been positive because I have been meeting people related in the music industry. The complexity of this career change is that this type of field is a very risky one.
If anyone (including you, Ariane)can help me with any positive advice about my career change, please let me know.

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