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06 mar

Letting Go

I was the kid that everyone avoided because my parents drank non stop, I have had some issues that keep coming back to haunt me. I have lost watching my oldest grow due to my childhood and past, they are now grown, I have remarried and have children I home school. In certain times of the year or even certain smells set me into flashbacks. I am busy and keep myself as busy as I can. I want to move forward and stop feeling guilty for being born.

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  • Well, my father was an alcoholic and fortunately for me my mother wasn’t. But she did stay with until I got married, meaning they were married for 25 years.
    I had to learn to just let go. You have to forgive your parents for their actions. I doesn’t mean that you accept them but that you forgive them.
    Forgiveness is an act that really helps you heal. It’s about you, not them.
    Focus on being married and the new family you have created with your spouse.
    Best of Luck!

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