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13 mar

Hard Life

Well im the kinda of 17 year old thats anti-social and likes to be alone.But i encountered a problem.I am an orphan and my parents died in a fire.Now we all know that there are worse things but not if your me.I was walking home from school by myself and stumbled on a rock by some idiot jerk named Clide the school jock.When he walked past my trembling body he said “Emo,Orphan,And has anger problems?Who would want to be her!” and then laughed and kept walking.I didnt mention i had a seizure problem.Not to anyone.Because i havent had one since the last time i seen my parents.But the T-Shirt he wore had flashy things on it and i had a seizure.After that seizure i was sent to the hospital and the school forbid those shirts anymore.No one was there no one cared whether i was dead.No one.And now here i am typing my story for all to hear.

Shared by SierraLuv.

Posted by First 30 Days on March 13th, 2009 in Personal Stories | 4 comments

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  • SierraLuv,
    When you are going through the tough times, it seems like it’s never going to end. Take heart, you Will get through this part of your life. You are learning to dig deep into your survival kit (it’s deep, down inside you). Because of this, you will succeed where other fail & just give up.
    When people like that Clide jerk are giving up and whining for somebody to help, you Will succeed. You’ve been delt a tough hand, but you’re Doing it. I hope that you can look at yourself as a winner, cause that’s what you are!
    Keep writing, you’ve got a lot to say! And we are just a click away!
    Take care and learn to be good to you.

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    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009
  • Reading your story was the only reason I made a profile. I just HAD to write you and tell you everything is going to be okay.
    You are 17 and you already seem so strong and brave.
    The other poster is right. Sites like this let you know that are not alone and give us resources for help to feel better.
    Cheer up- you are almost done with high school. My early 20’s were my favorite part of life.
    I’m thinking of you!

    Shared by gigismum.

    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009
  • SierraLuv…you STRONG, mature woman you!! Look how far you’ve come and what you’ve had to overcome as well. That little turd who called you a name is just an insecure little weenie. What he picks on others for he’s really trying to cover up in himself. So just know that, ok?! Seizures are a big deal, no laughing joke there. Think of it this way: you SURVIVED. You made it through! And look at the strength it takes for that. You’re incredible and more amazing than your 17 yr old self will let you realize. I’m here for you sister.

    Shared by abm810.

    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009
  • I’m so sorry to hear about your life. Please know you are not alone, and we all have times when we feel totally alone. I am 47 and feel alone right now too. My Dad has passed and mother lives away from me, and very sick. Sites like this are to give you resources to make a better life for yourself, and friends to listen and talk to. Please continue to participate, learn, and grown. Keep us posted on your progress. Also my husband is a teacher so if you have any educational troubles let us know too!

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    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009

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