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06 feb

What’s Wrong with Polyanna?

Today I had my performance evaluation with my boss at the good old 9-5 corporate job. I was told I exceeded my boss’s expectations! Very technical, and an expert in my field. So why am I bummed? I guess because the conversation started off by my boss telling me (after I shared a success story with him over a lesson I learned, applied, and it worked), that “is all of this stuff new to you”, and “if so how did you get this far.” You appear to others as naive because you are so enthused by your reading, you seem like a Pollyanna! OH boy! Fighting words. It was like you just said something about my mother, or my kids. I have been excited, and do feel alive! The books- some new, some a reminder but the renewed focus has made me feel great and excited about what before was seeming to drag, and lacked passion. I’ve worked hard to feel this good. I thought I had a new perspective to keep me passionate about my job, to show me my purpose, but that bubble to me was just popped! Why did he have to pea on my cornflakes? He seemed to like it too! I hope I made his day. OH well, there must be another book out there on how to handle this! You can pea on my corn flakes but you can’t keep me from getting another bowl! If anyone has a day like this please know, you are not alone. This too shall pass!

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  • CarlaMarie, when you are going through something that is giving you a new perspective on life you can not expect everyone to have the same perceptions. The important thing is to keep moving forward and try to block out the negative forces around you. Good for you to embrace a positive light! Also, pat yourself on the back for exceeding your bosses expectations, being very technical and an expert in their field! Those are very flattering words.

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