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03 feb

Little Miracles

I’ve had a few sweet “miracles” these past few days.

Catching a plane with 25 minutes to go–I’d confused the departure time–and having my bag follow me, being here in LA for when my godson Oliver’s first tooth came out and witnessing the utter joy from him finding some money under his pillow this morning. (Apparently the tooth fairy hasn’t been too hit by the economy. She carries bills now, not coins anymore.) Then, finding my car in a parking lot after having forgotten where in the midst of four floors I’d parked it, seeing a friend of mine finally have the courage to call her lawyer to file for divorce after three years of being separated, and watching the ridiculously romantic film, The Notebook, that I’d only ever seen the first 20 minutes of. The list continues.

The truth is, none of these are really miracles…just things that happen in our daily lives. I guess with the recent passing of my friend Martin, I’m more sensitive to these moments, these synchronicities, these perfectly aligned things that happen to us. When things really do work out, I try hard to focus on all that is working, all that is right and not the one thing my mind has decided to give me grief about.

So be with me on this one, even if its just for a day or two, and notice all the little things that are going well in your direction. Really, life is constantly conspiring on our behalf. I’m off to the TED conference. More from there soon.

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