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28 feb

Life Runway

I was fortunate to be invited by Heidi Klum and her team to attend the finale of Project Runway last week in NYC.

I was given seat G13, so I thought I was in row G–and proceeded to go up the stairs to the top row. So imagine my surprise when I found myself sitting opposite Heidi and Michael Kors. G meant Ground in this instance! Lucky me. So here I am opposite Heidi and Michael Kors and sitting next to Christian, last season’s winner!

Then I found myself being surrounded by photographers wanting his photo. And there among all the top press, I did manage to get a photo with him, as you can see.

It’s funny how and where we land sometimes in life. Don’t you ever wonder, how on earth you got in a certain position? Whether it’s the place you find yourself, the person you married, where you live, or the job you’ve held for 10 years or more. Sometimes life has a funny way of putting us in places we don’t even remember choosing. Something else seems to be in charge.

Here’s what I know–and some of these are wonderful glimpses of life taking care of me. Maybe I landed perfectly in some cases. Maybe in others I’ve been asleep while something else has been controlling my life and I’ve had a wake up call.

My point is this. Is there anything you’re asking yourself these days? How on earth did I . . . . . . ? [Here you can fill in the blank.]

Maybe it’s time to look at whether you want to stay on that path or not, or get off that runway, take another plane, head to a different destination. You do get to choose.

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