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30 jan

You Never Know

My intention for today’s blog was very different. Had lots of news to share, exciting things like doing Oprah Radio again, becoming an expert on MSN, my book coming out in Korean! etc….

And then, life reminds you that everything changes, all the time. I got news that a good friend of mine, Martin Schaedel had died tragically in a plane crash in LA. It was a small plane. I am still stunned. One minute I’m remembering having brunch with a friend a week ago and then poof, he’s gone. Did I ever think it would be the last time I saw him? Gosh no.

Martin had a uniquely exceptional soul. He was only 25, had lived what most people do in a few lifetimes. He was on the founding team of Skype so next time you use that, say thank you to him for bringing us this amazing invention where we can connect with anyone for free all around the world. If only Skype had a secret function that could let you call “the other side” now. He had visited over 60 countries, could easily have retired, but instead made it his mission to help other entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. That’s how he came into my life. Only to help me with First30Days. He never asked for anything in return. He knew everyone. He had helped everyone. Martin had an abundance of energy, of ideas, of spirit, of passion. I will miss him dearly.

You never know. Take care of the people around you. Listen to your friends and family. Just go to give. Be present. Really, be with people. Tonight I’ve tried to remember every conversation I ever had with Martin. It’s never really about the words we share though. It’s about the time, the heartspace we have with others. How we feel, how we make them feel.

I can only expect that his soul is onto an even grander crazier adventure. That’s what will bring me peace.

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