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12 jan

What’s Next???

I recently went through a very tough divorce from my husband of 28 years. Now I have to start all over again, and have no idea what direction to go in. Sometimes I think I should just retreat into my own little world, away from folks who may or may not hurt me again. I can always count on the love and support of my two sons who love me unconditionally as always. They try their very best to keep me going, although it’s hard for them to see me lonely.

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Posted by First 30 Days on January 12th, 2009 in Personal Stories | 3 comments

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  • schollzee, divorce is tough. I cant even imagine being with a person for 28 years and then not being with them. You should pat yourself on the back for having the courage to take steps in your life to make that change. So, why stop there? Try some things that you’ve always wanted to try. Take a class in something you have always been curious about, try something on that you would never wear but always wanted to, go to a restaurant that you’ve always wanted try. The options are are the captain of your own ship now…the course is yours to take. How empowering is that!

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  • Don’t be lonely. Go to your local library……take a class you always wanted to take….join a church group…take a trip on a crowded bus…………anything but sit around and think about it………..You will grow much faster and you will have so many things to discuss with anyone you meet…..Just don’t be lonely………do something, anything.

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  • You are not alone, and you should consider this site your new online spouse! YOu can accomplish many great things by chosing which change challange you’d like to engage in and each day taking your inspirational emails literal, and following those steps. You do not have to be alone. Also try to think of this as a new and “exciting “step for you. How can you dread anything you regard as “exciting”? You’ve done the marriage thing for 28 years and now it’s time to focus on your own happiness to show your sons that “This too shall pass”. Good Luck and think positive! YOu will be fine, as you are already great. I hope this helps. Your online friend from first 30 days.

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