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16 jan

Do You Ever Feel Misunderstood?

Sure. I think we all do.

  • We say something at work and a colleague never forgives us for it.
  • We work 100 hours and then we don’t get rewarded or promoted or even noticed.
  • We mean something sweet and our partner looks at us with contempt.
  • You don’t call home and your mom thinks you’ve forgotten her.

The list continues.

Well, I certainly have had my fair share of that, not only starting with my accent, that some folks just can’t understand! I recently interviewed someone who has suffered an enormous amount from not really being seen and heard for who she is, Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. She was hated, judged, criticized, ridiculed by the UK press and I have to say, when I met her, I met a woman who is down-to-earth, kind, fun, incredibly smart, with a real sense of humor — our sound proofing in our studio fell on her twice! and then we had to stop as I had a coughing fit. She took it with grace and a good laugh – and she did take my throat spray home, to share with Tony! (It’s good stuff — Singers Saving Grace.)

So, I encourage you to listen to our interview, pick up a copy of her book, Speaking for Myself: My life from Liverpool to Downing Street, and think about whether it’s really worth fighting to be loved by everyone and be accepted.

Just stay true to who you are. None of us is alive just to get approval of other people.

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