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30 jan

You Never Know

My intention for today’s blog was very different. Had lots of news to share, exciting things like doing Oprah Radio again, becoming an expert on MSN, my book coming out in Korean! etc….

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26 jan

And Then, It’s Winter

I found this story and wanted to pass it on. Many of us are dealing with winter not only in the climate where we live, but also feel we are in the winter stage of our lives, dealing with recent hardships. This story is a lovely reminder that you should live your life to the fullest every day, and surely spring is soon to come!

Feel free to offer your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

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22 jan

Unexpected Heroes

Its been an eventful week. The “Miracle on the Hudson” happened and I found out later that day, that a great friend of mine, Dave Sanderson was the last man off the plane. He helped dozens of people get to safety. Interestingly enough, Dave was not supposed to be on that flight. He took an earlier one to get back to his family sooner. Here’s what you need to know about Dave. He always puts others first, is always looking for ways to help and serve and has a very calm disposition in the face of fear or crises of any kind.

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16 jan

Crazy? Yeah, It’s a Good Thing

Ok, so you think your girlfriend or boyfriend is crazy? You think your boss is a lunatic? You think you yourself are crazy. (And if anyone saw what you really did on weekends, you’d make the News of the World.)

Well, sometimes I think being crazy is a really good quality. I’d rather be called crazy than boring.

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16 jan

Do You Ever Feel Misunderstood?

Sure. I think we all do.

  • We say something at work and a colleague never forgives us for it.
  • We work 100 hours and then we don’t get rewarded or promoted or even noticed.
  • We mean something sweet and our partner looks at us with contempt.
  • You don’t call home and your mom thinks you’ve forgotten her.

The list continues.

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15 jan

Pension Is Relaxation?

I am going to turn 55 years of age this year. My goal is to retire early and focus on many new aspects in life. Financially, I think it can happen; at least my financial planners say so.
A strong desire I have is to write my autobiography- a plain old boy raised in a steel-town in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. I also would like to spend more time with my father who is very lonely in the assisted living home due to Alzheimers disease. Sadly, dad does not know that we had to sell the house because mom could not live there due to her illness. If he ever found out,it would literally kill him. He often asks us what is new up on Grant Street. I am getting tired of making up stories. I told my mom that someday and somehow it might slip out. There are many things I see that could be done- via different programs to make people happier in nursing homes. It is very frustrating to see people sitting in a room with no one there to talk to them. My goal is to remember his smile and not his frown. I still am glade that at least he recognizes who I am. My prayer is that he doesn’t progress to far in the advance stage, because even now it is hard to watch him. He just sits there and barely talks. He really doesn’t carry on a conversation. Since he retired at 55, I would like to do the same thing in honor of him. My wife doesn’t like this idea but I told her that it is my decision. I physically know when my body will be ready to go into relaxation mode. Plus, I want to do it while I am healthy. I have watched two of my best friends pass away in their thirties. I had a nephew just die in his early twenties. So, there are no guarantees I will be allowed to spend all of that pension money, because only God knows when my last breath will occur.

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12 jan

What’s Next???

I recently went through a very tough divorce from my husband of 28 years. Now I have to start all over again, and have no idea what direction to go in. Sometimes I think I should just retreat into my own little world, away from folks who may or may not hurt me again. I can always count on the love and support of my two sons who love me unconditionally as always. They try their very best to keep me going, although it’s hard for them to see me lonely.

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11 jan

Needed Change?

I am in the midst of a change my doctor has recommended but I’m not sure I should take. I am in my mid 50’s and my doctor says I should have my breasts reduced. I’m sure you are already saying “Oh poor you big breasts!!” Let me tell you how all these years of having big breasts have been a nightmare. I was 13 years old when it was brought to my attention that I had large breasts. Being a child, yes back then 13 you were a child,peers laughed because I wore a childs bathing suit but I was over lapping in all directions. I ran home and looked at myself and said ” Wow, when did that happen? It just progressed. My father would say, Would you please hide them!! Clothes were hard to find. You couldn’t wear pant suits because tops never matched bottoms. Always looked out of proportion. I don’t even want to talk neck aches, back aches…Now I am considering surgery ( which I hate) but to have breasts that are smaller. Its scary but yet its exciting. I talk to a few people and their reaction is I’m having it to enhance my appearance. I don’t know if it will enhance my appearance because I am not guaranteed a particular size or shape but I will definitely be lighter but its scary… Suggestions??

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05 jan

Looking Back to Look Forward

Hi and welcome back from the holiday season!

I had a very different type of holiday this time around. For Christmas, I went out to Palm Springs and spent 8 days fasting. It was the ultimate detox–no food, just liquids for over a week (juices, teas, green powdery stuff, gallons of alkaline water). I was at a place called WeCare, nestled in the desert with about 20 other brave individuals.

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