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10 dec

When Unrequited Love Becomes Requited?

I met someone in college whom I fell head over heals for. Instant connection, just one of those kindred spirits or dare I say it? soulmates. You look at each other and just understand! But nothing really happened back then…didn’t live in the same place and still never have. Our lives were always like two parallel lines, never meeting. Recently we re-connected, soooo many years later after off-and-on sporadic communication all that time.

Well, hello sparks! Unexpectedly, we spent the weekend together. The entire story is very movie-like, but the fact remains, we live very far away from each other. I’m also sort of in a relationship that I’m unsure about. This unrequited love, now requited, and I both want to date, but it feels so impossible. He travels a lot for work (but never here) and I work a million hours and have a really busy life here. What to do? My heart literally aches when I think of him and I know something must happen, no matter what it takes, because you don’t ignore these once-in-a-lifetime feelings.

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  • I know how you feel but after so many years of trying to connect don’t you think that if you where going to something would have happened by now. Maybe he’s married and just doesn’t want you to know. If he travels anyway, why not move closer to you. Maybe he could get a transfer with his job. Read my store, Love Lost Love Found Love Lost.

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  • “I’m sort of in a relationship I’m unsure about.” Either you’re in it or you aren’t. If you don’t want to be, get on out!
    Then you can deal with your requited/unrequited situation. If you really want to be together, distance, work, none of it will matter. You’ll make it happen.

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  • How romantic! I’m excited for you. I guess you can plan trips to visit each other and/or time away together. Maybe even meeting in the middle! Sounds like you’ll both be trying to free up some time to spend together.
    It sounds like it was worth waiting for. Good luck!

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