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02 dec

Trying New Things

I was allowed to try piloting a private plane a few weeks ago. As you can see in the photo, I was still smiling, despite the seeming thousands of buttons and dials around me. When I sat down and put the headphones on, I pressed a button that said “Mic” on the controls–thinking I knew what I was doing–and happily said “Cool! I am so excited, this is amazing…what do you want me to do now?”

What I didn’t know was that wasn’t just heard by the copilot but all pilots in our airspace as well as air traffic control….I got some funny responses after that!

As I was there at 36,000 feet, it made me think about all those things I once wanted to try ( like flying) that somehow I had forgotten or put aside.

It’s funny because when we bring those things back into our awareness, life has a way of then helping us get closer to them.

When you think you want to learn to cook, somehow you hear about great cooking lessons; when you want to write a book, somehow you meet someone who has just published a book…..isn’t that often the case? We get what we start focusing on.

Which also means that if we focus on how bad things are, we tend to get more of those as well. So, as this year comes to a close and before January arrives, think about a couple of things you want to try–a sport, a class, a hobby or a new language and take three action steps towards it. They might be small: Make a call, search the web, ask someone you know who has done what you want to do, tell your friends you’re interested in doing this new thing and ask for help…..I am often amazed at how much some people are able to do and try in a lifetime, and yet we all get given the same 24 hours in a day. Some people just make a conscious effort to try something new and aren’t worried about being too old, or it being too hard, it not being in their nature or that they might not be good at it.

When we take one step, the universe takes three more with us. Let me know what you’ve always wanted to try. I am sure someone on First30Days has done it and can help you out.

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